Impact the game industry and Japanese economy through commitment and dynamic ideas.

The game industry is Japan’s largest content exporting industry and has grown into an extremely important one in its own right.  In order for Japan to lead the global game industry, it needs to be the source of great content with energized game developers to drive that great content.  For this purpose, Matchlock believes that the following principles are of utmost importance.

・Internationally competitive development

・Taking calculated risks to undertake technically challenging work

・Making our core business of game design attractive to the best talent


Matchlock Corporation addresses needs regardless of form, makes its own implementations, takes practical risks (responsibility) , and, when the high road to game making presents itself, we travel down it to follow through on our mission and provide thought leadership to make a contribution to the game industry and Japanese economy.  The origin of our company name, Matchlock (a type of musket), is a weapon that ushered in victory for the Oda Nobunaga-led military at the battle of Nagashino.  But, his victory was not won simply by using matchlocks, Nobunaga realized his winning ways with the following capabilities.

・Foresight to recognize the importance of new technologies like the matchlock with far-reaching implications

・Tactics to capitalize on methodologies that enabled maximizing the full potential of new technologies like the three-step firearm

・Strategies that invested in maintaining and training for the mass production of matchlocks to bring a new methodology to fruition


We don’t stop at simply using and providing technology and ideas, we put them to their maximum use in processes and bake them into the company name while laying the framework to enable strategies so our company can bring life to comprehensive implementations and proposals as well as bring about innovations.


2020/6 Office moves to Itabashi-kui-ku area
2016/8 Office moves to Shinjuku Gyoen area
2015/12 Independence from Silicon Studios Corporation
2013/11 Site license contract with publicly listed game device manufacturer (order for multi-title package license)
2011/3 BISHAMON implementations expand further into arcade games and console games, expansion into mobile games starts
2010/11 BISHAMON distribution agremeent with Silicon Studios Corporation, BISHAMON bundle sales starts
2010/4 BISHAMON trademark registration for company’s effect tool & middleware
2008/5 Package outsourcing agreement for system with Silicon Studios Corporation

Company Overview

   Company Name
Matchlock Corporation
〒 174-0053  80-2 Shimizucho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan
March 27, 2008
25,000,000 yen
Capital Reserve
15,000,000 yen
President &CEO
Fumihiko Fujimoto.
   Bank of Account
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.  (Higashi-Ebisu Branch)


Job Description
Job Category ① Tool & Middleware Developer, Job Category ② Language Designer
Requirements and Qualifications
18 years or older, Job Category ① technical college education or higher, Job Category ②university education or higher
Work Location
Work Hours
flextime program(core time 13:00~17:00)
5M~15M JPY/year(offers are based on desired yearly salary, experience, salary at previous job, among other considerations)
Holidays and Leave
2 full days off per week, public holidays, New Year holidays, condolence leave, paid leave
bonus 2 times a year, cover all transportation costs to and from work, cover all social insurance types
Application Method
After completing the online Application Formsend the following documents by e-mail to info@matchlock.co.jp or regular mail.
・ Resume (Rireki-sho)

・ Work Experience Document (Shokumu Keireki-sho)
Contact Person
Please send correspondence by clicking on the Contact button.
Desired Attributes
Job Category① Tool & Middleware Developer
How would you like to create a global standard for designer-oriented visual programming environments by bringing shape to a new version of our company’s VFX tool that is experiencing accelerating adoption in the game industry?

・C++ language experience

・Graphics programming experience using shader languages

・GUI tool development experience

・Program library development experience

・Game development experience

・Language processing implementation experience

・OS development experience

・Server side programming experience
Job Category② Language Designer
How would you like to create a programming language that becomes a de facto standard resulting in a new paradigm by bringing shape to a new version of our company’s VFX tool that is experiencing accelerating adoption in the game industry?

・Understanding of university-level mathematics

・Experience with general purpose languages, DSL, professional or amateur scripting and language development

・C/C++ language experience

・Understanding of category theory, mathematical logic, graph theory, and/or theoretical computer science

・Functional programming language (Haskell, Lisp, etc.) experience



■80-2 Shimizucho,
Itabashi-ku, Tokyo-to 174-0053


■ Closest Stations

6 minute walk from Honhasunuma Station on the Toei Mita Line

8 minute walk from Itabasi-honcho Station on the Toei Mita Line