BISHAMON for『BISHAMON for PlayStation®5』!

“BISHAMON®”, the main product of Matchlock Co., Ltd. (President: Fumihiko Fujimoto, which develops, sells, and supports real-time 3D effect (VFX) tools for games. ) ”Announces that Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. will develop and release a version of“ BISHAMON for PlayStation®5 ”specializing in software development for“ PlayStation®5 ”.With the release of “BISHAMON for PlayStation®5”, Matchlock will continue to help more game developers create works without compromise in terms of release timing, volume, and quality.



What is 3D VFX Tool & Middleware “BISHAMON®”?
“BISHAMON®”, a 3D effect tool for games, consists of a design tool for designers (BISHAMON tool) and an SDK that plays back the created data.
Designers can combine textures and model data within the BISHAMON tool to add movement and animation to create visual effects that are essential to games such as flames, explosions, and auras.A major feature is that it is easy to learn with an intuitive GUI, and it is easy to create expressions with a story that changes over time and dynamic expressions.


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