• If you are using a personal version and have any questions, where should I contact?
    For personal version, there is no special support BBS like the corporate version.

    Instead, basically we are preparing a "community BBS" where users can help each other.
    Matchlock's development staff also responds with an empty look, so please use this place.

    Community BBS (http://bishamon.matchlock.co.jp/bbs/)
  • What are the differences between BISHAMON Personal and BISHAMON Enterprise?
    There are no functional differences between BISHAMON Personal and BISHAMON Enterprise with respect to creating effect data. However, BISHAMON Enterprise has more advanced features and additional functions like Motion Preview. BISHAMON Enterprise also has SDKs available that corporate customers may use that are compatible with a wide variety of platforms.
  • Why does it stop after starting?
    After finishing the license approval process, if clicking on "Start" results in the the program stopping the following are possible causes.

    ■Required libraries not installed
    Please confirm that the following required libraries are installed.
    ・.Net Framework 4.0 or newer version (for Windows 7 or older)
    ・VisualStudio2013 redistributable pacakage (x86)

    ■Not Decompressed with "Unblock"
    Since the file provided is a ZIP file and not an installer, it is necessary to decompress it by selecting "Unblock".
    Right-click the ZIP file → select "Properties" → check "Unblock" and then "Apply".

    ■Old Graphics Driver
    There have been cases in the past where initialization fails to start due to the graphics driver.
    This problem has been remedied by downloading and applying the newest graphics driver from the graphics board manufacturer's website.

    If you try the above, and it still won't start, please report the issue to by going to Contact.