Personal Information Agreement

Personal Information Agreement


Last Updated: October 12, 2017


Matchlock Corporation (referred to below as “Company”) has drawn up this Personal Information Agreement (referred to below as “Agreement”) to disseminate Company policies and procedures regarding the collection, usage, and disclosure of information obtained from customers who use the following services. (referred to below as “Website”)
–BISHAMON software, including any by-products made with BISHAMON software and/or downloaded runtime software (referred to below as “Software”), and the Matchlock Store (referred to below collectively as “Service”), including access to and/or usage of Service by customer from any mobile device.


This Agreement applies to information provided by you, information collected by Company through Service, and individually non-specific utilization data collected by web analysis services (e.g. Google Analytics) with respect to customer Software downloads. This Agreement is updated as appropriate. When there are any significant changes, a new Personal Information Agreement will be placed on Website to inform customers of such changes. Company recommends checking Website periodically to see whether there has been any changes in privacy policy. Unless otherwise defined in Agreement, the terms used shall have the same meaning as those terms used in the Software License Agreement. Company’s main purpose for collecting personal information is to provide, manage, and improve Company’s Service and Software while making it easier for customers to use Service and Software.


Article 1 (Personal Information Definition and Usage)


1.1 Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, information provided by you such as personal and/or company name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, billing information, individually differentiable information, or individually specific information (referred to below as “Personal Information”).
1.2 Company may use Personal Information only for the following purposes and cases.
1.2.1 Confirming the identity of the person using Service.
1.2.2 Creating statistical data for using, providing, enhancing, or improving Service.
1.2.3 Cases stipulated by law.
1.2.4 Cases where it is required to cooperate with national governmental organizations, local governmental organizations, or persons mandated to perform duties stipulated by law and there is a possibility that you may hinder the performance of such duties if your permission is sought.
1.2.5 Completing sales transactions, executing license contracts, and managing inquiries from customers.
1.2.6 Announcing or delivering marketing, promotional materials, or other information of interest with respect to Software and Service.
1.2.7 Using Personal Information and individually non-specific information collected by Company in combination with information collected and provided by third parties.
1.2.8 Personal Information you provide is stored at Company and appropriately deleted when no longer necessary.


Article 2 (Collection Limitations)


2.1 Company collects Personal Information in the following cases.
2.1.1 When creating and registering an account with Service.
2.1.2 When shopping through Service.
2.1.3 When sending technical support requests.
2.1.4 When sending information requests regarding Service.
2.1.5 When downloading, registering, or installing Software.


Article 3 (Information Sharing)


3.1 Company outsources to third parties certain Service functions (e.g. maintenance services, database management, payment processing, web analytics), and receives support from third parties regarding analysis of your communications with and usage of Service (e.g. research). Third parties are limited to accessing Personal Information for Company support services only and are obligated to not use or disclose Personal Information for any other purpose.
3.2 With respect to the BISHAMON Personal Community, questions, comments, or other contents you post to Service may be posted and viewed by other customers using Service. As part of Service, registered user names or other information with public settings may be displayed.
3.3 Company may sell, transfer, or share, in whole or in part, assets including Personal Information in connection with any Company merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of assets, or bankruptcy.


Article 4 (Disclosure Limitations)


4.1 Except for the following cases, Personal Information shall not be disclosed to third parties.
4.1.1 Cases where you consent.
4.1.2 Cases where Company has entered into a non-disclosure agreement with a subcontractor or partner companies regarding Personal Information, the handling of Personal Information is outsourced to such subcontractor or partner companies, and clearly specifies the purpose and necessary scope for using Personal Information.
4.1.3 Cases where Personal Information is in the form of statistical data whereby you cannot be individually identified.
4.1.4 Cases requiring disclosure in accordance with law.
4.1.5 Cases where it is necessary to protect life, physical safety, or property and obtaining permission from you is difficult.
4.1.6 Cases where it is necessary to improve public health, particularly to promote the healthy development of children, and obtaining permission from you is difficult.


Article 5 (Changing and Deleting Registered Information)


5.1 You may update, correct, or delete Personal Information provided at registration by sending e-mail to Deleting all Personal Information will result in disabling the account.
5.2 You may delete your account from the Company’s system by sending e-mail to Upon request, Personal Information will be deleted from Company’s database. Company will make commercially reasonable efforts to honor your requests. However, Company may maintain copies of your records in accordance with law or as required for legitimate business purposes.


Article 6 (Security)


6.1 Company endeavors to adopt commercially reasonable physical, technical, and administrative security methods to protect Personal Information, but Company does not guarantee such methods.


Article 7 (International Data Transfers)


7.1 Company’s Service operates in Japan and other countries (e.g. United States) and Personal Information transmitted through Service may be transferred to Japan or other countries depending on the country you live.
7.2 Depending on your location, the privacy laws of Japan or other countries may not provide the same legal protections under the laws or information protection guarantees of your country. .
7.3 By agreeing to this Agreement, you authorize Company to handle and transfer Personal Information.


Article 8 (Third-party Providers and Services)


8.1 Company outsources Service operations in part to third-party providers and such providers may collect information directly from you. Use of such information is not governed by this Agreement but subject to the personal information policies of the relevant providers.
8.2 Company may provide links to third-party services, however Company makes no representations or warranties that it approves, endorses, or represents such third- party services. Company does not approve the privacy policies, information security policies, or security practices of third parties, and does not manage third-party services.
8.3 Third-party services may transmit their own cookies or other files to your computer to facilitate data collection and input of personal information. The handling and disclosure of personal information transmitted to other websites and online services are subject to different rules outside the Company.
8.4 Company is not responsible for other business entities with links on Website or the handling of personal information on private websites.


Article 9 (Dealing with Children)


9.1 Company’s Service is for the general public and is not intended to collect Personal Information from children. If you discover that a child under the age of 13 has sent Personal Information to Company without the consent of the child’s parent or guardian, contact Company Company will delete the relevant Personal Information.


Article 10 (Other)


10.1 Website Service may not accept erroneous information and/or non-current information provided by you.
10.2 Company complies with laws regarding the protection of Personal Information and other relevant standards.
10.3 Company may change this Agreement in accordance with changes in law or at the Company’s discretion.
10.4 If a discrepancy arises between the Japanese version and English version of this Agreement, the Japanese version shall govern in every instance. If you have questions regarding this Agreement, please contact us at