Model bug

■Model does not display


・Please refer to the Model section of the Tutorial

・As of October 2014, .dae and .fbx file formats are supported for models

・Recommend .png format for textures to apply to models

・Adjust the brightness of materials themselves

・Cached data may be old so go to menu bar Settings and select Database Refresh

・From the menu bar Settings, make sure that the path goes to “m3dg_conv_c14.exe” (no settings like this for Bishamon Personal 1.6.13 or newer)

・Confirm whether model data (in .dae or.fbx file format) and texture data (in .png file format) to be read in from the Inspector‘s Model are in the same folder

・Refer to the following regarding plug-ins for .dae and .fbx file formats
About Model data and .dae and .fbx plug-ins

・If the top colors for RGBA are all set to 0, BISHAMON will display a black model. Cross-check the top color settings with third-party 3D software.

・Misalignment between the position of a MAYA model and a BISHAMON model may be solved by freezing transformations


■Both sides of model do not display


If the box for Culling under the Inspector’s Material tab is checked, uncheck it.


Or, it could be that the Blend Type under Inspector’s Blend isn’t set to Semitrans Add.
Since light cannot reach the underside of the model, the pixels are displayed very dark but are treated as transparent.
A way to deal with this is to turn the lighting off and display the model with Transparent instead of with Semitrans Add or Semitrans Sub.



■Model does not animate.


The animation of the model with bones will be supported in BISHAMON version 1.9.0 or later.