Create an Explosion-like Stripe Effect

Lets create stripes that extend out from a center.

Create “Effect Root” and add “Null Emitter”.
“Basic Settings” tab
Extinguish Type Extinguish every child
“Generate” tab
Emit Count 30
“Move” Tab
Speed Initial Value(X、Y、Z):(0、2、0)
Speed Random Range(X、Y、Z):(2、2、2)
Acceleration Initial Value(X、Y、Z):(0、-0.05、0)



Create a new “Stripe” under this.
“Basic Settings” tab
Life 30
Set parent node influence to move “only when generated”.
Enable “Loop” under “Generate” tab.
Specify “maru.png” under “Texture” tab.
“Blend” tab
Set Blend Alpha Type to Curve and
the stripe will seem to gradually disappear in Timeline.



In this way, even without moving the stripes themselves, moving parent nodes
enables you to draw the stripes trajectories.