2.Create a null emitter. Add rotation here.

Create a null emitter. Add rotation here.
Make the mass particle emitter you just created into a child emitter.


General Settings
Extinguish Type ”Extinguish all child emitters”

Emit Interval “10”
Emit Period “10”

Random Range XYZ “180”
Speed Start Value X “0.3”


Link the mass particle emitter under this null emitter forms a parent-child relationship.


Copy Emitters


Next, copy the mass particle emitter.
You can change names in a straightfoward manner.


Make adjustments with Inspector to the “kira” you copied.

Number Emitted “100”

Make texture 1 flash.

Start Value “2.5”
Random Range “0.5”

Change colors



2 overalapping mass particle emitters are displayed like this.


Copy Individual Null Emitters

To create 3 of the same particle, copy the null emitter as follows.


3 copies have been created.


It will look like this.