Node Summary



Control-related Actually, the following items cannot be drawn. Generate emitters and add changes to emitter behaviors.
Effect Root This is the originating point of an effect node. Child nodes are accompanied by their null nodes and emitter-related nodes.
Null Emitter Control the behavior and generation of child nodes.
Copy, Delete, Save Copy, delete, and save emitters as well as save separately the effect roots for multiple emitters.(new function as of 2013.11).
Emission-related(Emitters) Display as drawing. Create a variety of animations.
Quad Control width and height, perform a variety of operations on polygon types and polylines to create rectangular drawings.
Particle This is the standard particle for Billboard only.
Simple Particle This particle gives priority to hardware-dependent speed.(Be aware that this is a hardware-dependent issue.)
Mass Particle This is a particle that aggressively uses the GPU. Compared to other particles, mass particles can emit an amazing volume but this is often limited in animations.
Model A drawing that utilizes a model.
Stripe Emit band-like particles. Although one stand-alone band cannot be emitted, multiple bands can be emitted from a null emitter.
Add Reference Object Import an already created .bmsln file.
Field-related Actually, the following items cannot be drawn. They would influence the null nodes and emitter-related nodes.
Gravity Effect to accelerate in direction of specific axis according to world coordinates.
Attraction-Repulsion Pull toward or pushed away from a single point.
Deceleration A function to gradually lose speed.
Wind Move with force in a fixed direction.
Vortex This is a vortex-shaped wind effect.
Collision Conduct collision detection for flat planes and spheres and bounce the particles off eachother.
Goal Specify a goal and create an animation that goes toward the goal location.
2D Image-related Create a 2D image.
Image Root Image root accompanies 2D image nodes.
Background Image Draws background on the rearmost layer. The background image is ignored in the conversion process.
Supported formats are .png, .bmp, .tga, and .jpeg.