Lets display and edit parameter-related information.




Initial Value If you edit the initial values
the values will be displayed in blue.
To go back to the initial values
right-click to get the context menu and return to the initial values.
Edit and select multiple nodes simultaneously Parameters with different values will be displayed in red.
Value Edit Right-click above the number edit field to display a window for selections such as “Reset to default value”.
Freely set the number of digits with “Set number of digits”.(the default is 3 digits)



Menu Bar

①Open Open all Inspector items
②Close Close all Inspector items
③Automatic Open/Close Open/Close selected items
④→Horizontal Line up Inspector items horizontally




⑤Basic Settings Settings related to playback of effects
⑥Generate Items related to the generation of effects
⑦Generate-Form Items related to generated form of effects: point and cube and ball and cylinder (4 types)
Move Set move type and its values for speed and acceleration
⑨Rotate Set rotate type and its values for speed and acceleration
⑩Scale Set scale type and its values
speed and acceleration
⑪Color Change and set colors
⑫Blend Set blend type
possible to control from Timeline
⑬Material Set drawing controls and set drawing method
⑭Texture Specify image and set drawing type and animation pattern
⑮Distort Distort quad forms
⑯Details Set quad type
billboard and polygon and facing and polyline and directional and directional polyline (6 types)
Set to “Soft”




●Reads in and saves

tab changes
Read in and save changes to each tab.
Perform operations from the display menu by right-clicking on the blank space within the tab.


Reset Return values to the default values.
Copy/Paste Copy all tab values and paste them to a different node.
Import Transplant tab values from a saved tab to this tab.
Export Save values of an edited tab with the “.bmgrp” file extension. File names will be automatically set.