(from Version 1.8)



Model Name:Select model. Go to “Model” in the specified folder under “Specify database folder”. Supported file formats are .dae and .fbx.


※Version 1.6 and older versions have the following parameters.


■Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Speed


Scroll the texture applied to the model. Set scroll value between 0.0 and 1.0.


The value specified for speed determines the variation in the UV coordinates.
(If you input a value larger than 0.5, it appears as if you are scrolling in reverse. If the input value is an integer there appears to be no change.)



Clamp Stretch and display pixel edges
Repeat Display repeatedly
Mirror Display with up and down left and right inverted



Linear Create edge gradations
Nearest Sharpen edges


※From Version 1.8, the above items for Texture 1 and Texture 2 were moved to Texture 2.