Color type

Constant Set here to keep colors from changing.
Curve Set colors to change in Timeline.
Flat Set 4 top points by checking Flat.(”Quad” and “Stripe” only)
Random Sync  Set random 4 top points by checking Flat.(“Stripe” only)

※Cannot make “Flat” setting for “Model” or “Emitter”.





Click on the color box in the middle to open the color picker window. Set colors for RGB, HSV, and pie charts.
When “Flat” is set to ON, set the color for each of the four top corner points.
Checking Random Channel Sync, enables random display at the same blue end of the spectrum.


Apply custom colors by right-clicking on the color picker for a node, open the custom color edit form, and select a custom color.





Specify and vary colors with respect to the life of particles
and input settings for keyframes in Timeline.