Scene View

View that displays effects currently being edited




①Drawing Mode Display effect as a solid or with lines
②Grid Turn grid display ON/OFF
③Depth Object Display dummy depth object with flat surface where Y=0
Emitter Inspector-Details-Make sure that Soft is checked and see what the object looks like without alpha.
④Fog Display fog set with Main Settings and Inspector
⑤Profile Display effect information for the currently displayed effect
⑥FlipH Display effect information for the currently displayed effect
⑦Camera Reset Return the camera display to its original position
⑧Fit Button Settings–Change size in the Main Settings under View Size.
⑨Target Type Display Alpha or RGB.
⑨Camera Tab Specify a camera to import from
⑩Background Color Specify background color
⑪Ambient/Light/Color Specify light color
⑫Diffuse/Color Specify the color of the light being reflected
⑬Profile information Displays information such as particle count and memory




Operation Function
Drag middle wheel move up-down/left-right
Rotate wheel
[ALT] + drag middle wheel
S + drag middle wheel
move forward-backward
Right button drag rotate
[SHIFT] + drag synchronize between Scene views