View for Editing Structural Elements of Effects


All display whole tree
Select display selected nodes
Reduce/Expand reduce and expand
Align align selected nodes
Collapse collapse vertical nodes (double-clicking also works)
Display go between displaying and not displaying nodes (“v” indicates a displayed node)



Left-click select node
[SHIFT]+left button drag connect/disconnect nodes
Middle wheel drag scroll
Middle wheel rotate
[ALT] + middle wheel drag
S + middle wheel drag
expand and reduce



From Schematic, right-click to add an Effect Root.
From node, right-click to add each kind of emitter.

Refer to the Node summary.



Added bmsln export for Effect Root(from Version 1.8)


Export and save an effect root
from Schematic.

When creating a new effect,
read in multiple effect files (bmsln)
and copy nodes.