View for Editing Graph Parameters in Real Time


①Open/Close Open and close display of line graphs
②Automatic Open/Close Open selected items
③Cycle Open form and set parameters to generate a cyclical curve
④Noise Open form and set parameters to generate a random curve
⑤Reduce/Expand reduce and expand the Timeline width with the slide bar
⑥Snap The life value for each frame
⑦Frame ON displays life OFF displays the fraction of life
⑧X/R Displays X-coordinate or color of red
ON-OFF works when there is one graph.
⑨Y/G Displays Y-coordinate or color of green
⑩Z/B Displays Z-coordinate or color of blue



Location Operation Function
Parameter Field left-click open/close node
Curve Field:Life bar limit drag left button change life
Curve Field:Life bar drag left button change Emit Time
Curve Field right-click add key frame copy paste merge
Curve Field drag middle wheel scroll over curve area
Curve Field:keyframe drag left button change key frame value
Curve Field:keyframe right-click activate pop-up edit form or change interpolation method
Curve Field:keyframe element drag left button change keyframe element value
Curve Field:keyframe element right-click activate pop-up edit form or change interpolation method
Curve Field:without keyframe right-click add keyframe
Curve Field:node bar left double-click open/close node

Managing Multiple Keyframes

If you click on an area with nothing and move to it, you can select an an area.

Area Selected

If you drag and move any one keyframe that is selected all keyframes can be moved.
If you drag a keyframe that is not selected only the selected keyframe will be selected.
If you select an area with nothing in it the selected keyframe will be reset.
If you right-click and delete all selected keyframes will be deleted.
If you right-click and change the type the type for all selected keyframes will be changed.
If you select multiple handles the angle for all selected handles can be controlled.



①Frame Display keyframe position in percentage terms between 0.0 and 1.0 or display keyframe values
②Value Set keyframe values
③Type Select graph type choose between line and curve
④Slope Set graph curve angle
⑤Window Transparency Make edit window transparent to see Timeline more easily

Copy & Paste Curves

Curves can be copied and pasted in Timeline.

A curve having 1 parameter can be copied to a curve with other parameters or
to the curve of another emitter.