Nodes / Filters

The following are nodes that process 1 input image.
Adjust by editing parameters.





Blurring process


Amplify Blur Amplify image color with specified value and apply blur
Motion Blur Apply blur in specified direction
Gaussian Blur Apply Gaussian blur
Radial Blur Apply blur radiating from a center with specified location





Managing Colors


Color Balance Adjust color balance
Channel Adjust Adjust channel
Channel Switch Switch channels and make calculations with specified values
HLS Adjust Adjust color with HLS
HSV Adjust Adjust color with HSV
Gamma Adjust Adjust gamma
Logical Operation Apply logical operations based on specified values
Posterization Execute posterization process





Execute Different Effects


Rotazoom Execute rotational scaling
Mosaic Apply mosaic to specified area
Normal Map Create normal map texture



Do Nothing


None Available to execute output. Do nothing just as the name implies.