Node / Painter

Nodes that are output based on image elements.
Adjust by editing parameters.





Generate textures that can be used to render different kinds of light.


Sphere Light Draw light that emanates spherically
Radial Light Draw multiple stripes of light that emanate radially





Generate different kinds of noise textures.


Point Noise Randomly draw 1 pixel point between 2 specified colors
Circle Noise Randomly draw 2 specified radii for the radii of circles between 2 specified colors
Cloud Draw a cloud pattern
※The pattern depends on the image size.
Sand Draw a sand pattern
※The pattern depends on the image size





Generate Different Types of Images.


Image File Draw an image file
Solid Paint with 1 specified color
Checker Draw a checkered pattern with 2 specified colors





Generate geometric shapes.


Circle Draw circles with specified radii
Ellipse Draw ellipses with specified widths heights and angles
Gradation Rectangle Draw rectangles with 4 specified vertices and specified colors
Rounded Rectangle Draw rectangles with specified rounding percentage
Regular Polygon Draw regular polygons with specified sides





Generate Lines.


Line Draw lines with specified widths
Line Diagonal Draw lines that fill out the area between vertices