Root Settings
When newly created with BISHAMON,

First in schematic view

Set the “Effect Root”.

An emitter that is the root of the effect you create.


Preview Offset Move display location for effect. This location is not saved since this just a preview.
Preview Scale Preview the scale. Use when attaching something to a character.
Root Life Set the root life. The effect will be forced to disappear at the end of life. If set to 0 the root life is not reference.
User Data Register user-defined settings.Use when taking data from an actual machine.
Carry Frame A function to use during playback. Use when when you want to start from a place where smoke is already coming out.
Z-Sort Sort primitives within an effect.
Mass particles and stripes are not compatible with Z-sort.
When sort within nodes is checked an full sort is given priority.
Priority Sort Turn this OFF to lighten processing load.


The following settings reproduce the behavior of the previous version of BISHAMON.

Use this when you want to recall an old version of the effect and make it look like the old version. It is normally set to off.

Version1.5 The rotation order of XYZ is the old version.
The calculation results of the following version 1.6 are also those of version 1.5, and the appearance may change slightly.
Version1.6 The calculation results of acceleration, the effect of non-square scaling values on child emitters below the null emitter, and the calculation results of raised frames will be those of Version 1.6, and the appearance may be slightly different.