・Windows 7 / 8 / 10

・Main Memory:1GB or more

・Graphics Card:Shader Model 3.0 or newer version, VRAM:256MB or more

・.NET Framework ver4.0

・DirectX9.0c Runtime





Do not attempt to change system time and/or reverse engineer BISHAMON.
This may render the tool unable to launch.
In some cases, this may make reinstalling the OS necessary.



About v1.8


In comparison to previous Personal BMSLN file versions, the current BMSLN file version is significantly more advanced.  Accordingly, BMSLN files created and saved with v1.8 cannot be used with the following:
・Previous Personal Tools, writing with BMB converter, BMB play
・Previous Personal SDKs

Under the hood, tool drawing and runtime have all been updated.
We have achieved almost complete compatibility making it possible to play BMSLN files written with previous versions.  While there have been alot of improvements made, there have also been some substantial changes, and a variety of testing and fixes are currently in progress.
If you discover unstable aspects of our software, we ask for your understanding.

「BISHAMONPersonalv1.8 Trial Version Report Thread」

Writing comments, requests, and reporting issues here would be much appreciated.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Additional functionality and new functions forv1.8 are as follows.

・File:Model files are compatible with FBX files
・Scene View:Compatibility with camera animations complete
・Route Node:Added Preview Scale, Priority Sort ON/OFF
・Field:Added Field Local settings
・Timeline:Compatibility with Curve Copy & Paste
・Schematic:Added BMSLN Export for each effect route
・Null Emitter:Compatibility with Billboard for Null Emitter
・General Settings:Compatibility with Infinite life(Loop)settings, added Parent Alpha Inherit ON/OFF
・Play:Added particle interpolation function(enabled playing of 1 frame or less)
・Generate Model:Added generation type to model vertex location(vertex random, vertex order)
・Texture:Added substantial functionality to Texture settings
・Texture:Added Texture settings for Model Emitter
・Texture:Added Distortion Function
・Model Emitter:Added Falloff function
・Model Emitter:Added Polyline settings to Details tab
・Blend:Added Start Time Random Range to Alpha Blend
・Scene View:Added 3D Scene Color to Scene View
・Window:Added Review/Window from v1.8.3
・Changed EXE name generated when tool uncompressed
Matchlock.Bm3.Ide.exe → bishamon.exe
Matchlock.Bm3.Converter.exe → bmconv.exe