This is the [Quad] details tab.

Items that can be set on the Details tab differ depending on the type of emitter.



Specify the primitive type.

Quad Particle Simple
Model Stripe Mass
Billboard YES YES(Default) YES(Default) YES YES YES(Default) Normally point in the direction of the screen
Standard NO NO NO YES NO NO Default settings for models with no special behaviors
Polygon YES NO NO NO YES NO Display particle witht the appearance of a flat polygon
Facing YES NO NO NO YES NO Continue pointing in specified direction.
Root :Continue pointing at center of effect.
Camera :Continue to point the camera. The movement is close to that of Billboard.
User:Specify location when executing Runtime and continue pointing at this location.
Polyline YES NO NO YES(from 1.8) NO NO While the Y axis is fixed point in the direction of the screen.
Directional YES NO NO YES NO NO Change the angle to face in the direction of movement.
Set to face from the previous frame position and current position(directional).
Be aware that if there is no movement then the direction will be “insufficient”.
The first frame will not display since its direction is undetermined.
YES NO NO YES NO NO In addition to the directional functions make the direction of movement the axis and point the camera in this direction.



Supports Billboard function for Null Emitters (from Version 1.8)


For null emitters with child nodes, it is possible to Billboard all nodes under the null emitter(rotate to point toward front of camera).
It is now possible to make the movement of particles normally point toward the camera.




Soft Particles


Input settings for soft particles.
This technology is to prevent objects from appearing to stick out from overlapping soft particles and/or polygons.
Comparing the depth value for the relevant object and the depth value of the polygon, the smaller the disparity means that alpha makes them transparent and the object doesn’t appear to stick out.
Using a negative value will display the object as if to see around it.
Since this places a somewhat heavy burden on the processor please do not overuse negative values.

Soft ON Enable soft particles
Threshold Adjust alpha cutoff


Soft OFF
Soft ON

(Threshold 0.02)

Soft ON

(Threshold -0.1)


download(smoke sample)


In Scene View, a dummy depth object with Y=0 in a flat plane can be displayed.